This website is called ItchyKnowsDevs. It’s a play on words Itchy Nose Developers. Which doesn’t make much sense either.

My name is Aleksandr Guljajev.

I reside in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I am a freelance software developer.

I love progress. I love learning. I love customizing and tailoring the tools I use. I love technology and innovation. I love tinkering, hacking and exploring. I hate most technologies, programming languages and operating systems. I hate flame wars on what’s better. It’s what works for you or what doesn’t. I hate premature optimisation. I hate arguments for the sake of drama. I prefer learning concepts over implementation. That’s why I try to learn the underlying principles instead of memorizing CLI commands.

In this blog I write mostly about the things I love. But occasionally about the things I hate.

I love this quote by Mark Twain: “Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.”

That said, I love reflecting.

My email address is gulyayev.alex at gmail.com. Write me about the things you hate and love, or the projects you are working on.